JOVAN Torbica

Bass Player, Composer & Arranger.

"Funky Oriental" (mp3) (WAV)


JOVAN Torbica playing electric upright bass.

Upcoming Events

Visit one of upcoming events to enjoy my music.

8 April, 2017
The Tube Station
Löwengasse 51, 1030 Vienna, Austria, ca. 21:00
€0.- per ticket

Free ticket

11 May, 2017
Wiener Tschuschenkapelle
Wiener Tschuschenkapelle MULATSCHAK - UNPLAGGED IM BEISL
Zur Kulisse, Rosensteingasse 39, 1170 Wien, ca. 20:00
€0.- per ticket

G Variations Cafe Mocca

Composer & Bass: JOVAN Torbica, Accordion: Nikola Zaric
Live at Cafe Mocca Lounge, Vienna - Saturday, 11.02.2017


Engage me

You can engage me to play on your events. Five different programs are ready for you. Make your choice and contact me for details.

Bass solo, Live loops & etects

"JOVAN Torbica's eBass proves hefty enough to make you move all by its lonesome" (Matt Rogers, UK)

JOVAN & special guests

JOVAN Torbica geht als profilierter Musiker der "Balkan-Szene" mit seinem funky und innovativem Technik-Verständnis geprägten Spiel, weit über deren Klischees hinaus. Mit seinem Spiel holt er einen ganz eigenen Welt-Musik-Groove aus seinen Saiten. (Rainer Krispel, Ausnahmemusikern)

Balkan Groove

Balkan Standards authentic, Groove, unplugged or electro acoustic.

Music Lounge

World Hits Covers and Originals on Jovan's way. Funky, Jazzy, cool Sound & not too loud


Jovan Torbica Musician, Bass Player, Composer & Arranger
JOVAN Torbica is professional bass player and a recording artist. After studying at the Jazz Conservatory of Vienna he started collaborating with worldly acknowledged projects such as Wiener Tchuschenkapelle, DelaDap, Jony Iliev etc. Jovan has appeared internationally on stages of England, Spain, France, Denmark, Holland, USA, Russia, South Korea, and most of the Balkan region. JOVAN enjoys performing any kind of musical genre but one of his favourite is World Music, jazz, blues, soul and funk. He is also a composer and a member of AKM (Author's, Composers's and Music Publishing Association).

New album

JOVAN is preparing a new album. It's comming on the market in autumn 2017. We'll inform you on the time about that.

Viennoise, new album comming in summer 2017 Autumn 2017


JOVAN's Instrumentarium

Acoustic bass Guitar

Acoustic Bass Guitar Hellweg/HOPF. Nice warm ton, pretty classic sound.

Double bass

Cosy Lagarde

electric upright bass

Electric upright bass, NS Design NXT Omni Bass

Fretles bass

5-Sttrings fretless jazz bass extralong scale guitar.

Contra bass

e-Bass MM style 5-String

Semiacoustic fretless Piezo Bass Guitar

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